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Brings Forth Her Stars
(Legendary Hawaiian Angel Goddess)

HO'OHOKUKALANI, "the heavenly one who made the stars", is the first-born daughter to the Great Earth Mother of All, PAPA (Whose Earth aspect is the goddess HAUMEA), and WAKEA, the Great Sky Father. From the KUKUI, "inner Light", of her PU'UWAI, "heart", stars are created which bring forth guidance, along with the qualities of "clarity, success and happiness", HOKULE'A. The ancient Polynesians had an intimate as well as sophisticated understanding of astronomy, and navigated the entire Pacific in canoes by observing the stars, HOKU. HO'OHOKUKALANI,   lovingly referred to as HO'OHOKU, (or simply  HOKU)  cradles her little friend HUNA'AHI (meaning "tiny fire or spark"), a Hawaiian spotted dove who shares the  royal purples of her angelic master and represents peace and Love.
Ho'ohoku's other ally is the 'IO,  a rare Hawaiian hawk, who signals a message or inspiration from the Divine. Stars are associated with ALI'I, or royalty;  HO'OHOKU wears a crown of rare meteorites and golden HULU, feathers, which indicate deepest respect and honor.  She is adorned with a royal purple and violet 'AKALA (Hawaiian raspberry)-dyed cloak made of the "TAPA of the heavens," known to Hawaiians as the bark-cloth garments seen in the clouds.  Her golden robe is the spun silk of stardust. 

May the presence of HOKU

bring these special blessings

into your life,

Now and Always.

The artwork Museum Grade Giclee is available in both Limited Edition on Canvas, and Open Edition on acid free imaging photopaper.

25”WX20”H Limited Edition 300 on Canvas, $1200
Includes a certificate of authenticity, hand signed, and an insightful explanation of the Polynesian legend.

All  fine art PRINTS are acid-free, giclee or laser, come complete with the written legend, and are matted in an elegant double  matte, cream white with an acid-free gold lining.

 8"x10" $28 -
       Fine Art print 

14”x11” $46     Fine Art print 

16x20" $73 -    Fine Art print

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