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*   This is our magical key to unlocking the  mysteries all around us--
                                             and the wonders inside us.

            The Golden Spiral is the pure geometric code
       upon which all creation is based.
       The Fibonacci Spiral, or “Spiral of Life,”
            is how it translates into actual life.
        All living things,
           from seashells to plants to the human body,
        contain this code within them.

             As our sacred connection within the Universe,
         the Golden Spiral  reflects back into us
             through the great spiraling galaxy.

                          *** As Above, So Below ***

                   (The Spiral of Life is an  important
                             geometrical foundation  for Zariah's
                       artwork. She often  initiates
                        a painting by carefully laying in
                        this Golden  pattern and allowing it to guide
                           her vision. She adds further dimensions
                     by overlaying  significant glyphics,
                                    yantras,  mandalas, or symbols--
                            elements vibrational as well as tangible.
                                Other times she will tune in to
                          this energy by meditating on its form inherent
                             in the many
expressions of Nature.)

In Zariah’s fantasy story --

                             --the Hawaiian child Maile's magical Aunty Taria
gives her an
enchanted spiral seashell
 for her birthday, 
                  whispering to her a great Secret:

            "Always believe in your dreams.
                    You will find in the simplest treasures of nature
the Spiral of Life,

your window to wishes come true."
                     It is up to Maile to figure out along her journey  just how
             she can find this spiral  encoded in the magical keys she discovers,
                         and use these keys to unlock
                                  the gateways to her deepest desires--
                             and ultimate freedom for all.

     *  *  * :....*....*.*....is a beautiful Hawaiian concept--
                                                                                                                and yet it  transcends all culture,

  *    * *                                                                     shining beyond  race,  religion, even species...

True Aloha is truly beyond words.
 *            *            *
*                                   It’s a genuine, pure, unconditional,
                                                    Divine Love   *    
                    a  Love without  limits.
Caring for others as you wish others to care for you.
                                       True Aloha can be between lovers, friends, brothers and sisters, animals and people,
                                   the kind a mother has for her child, or your guardian angel’s Love for you.
                                            It’s not the form that matters, but  that it's
                                                                           the deepest and truest
                            kindness of the heart.

                                    Zariah’s forthcoming


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                                                                                  embraces the spirit of True Aloha.