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Moonstruck  in Otherworld

Secret Mystic Enchantments
  Magazine Cover


This painting is  the cover for Stories For Children Magazine's October issue, featuring the highly acclaimed author Brandon Mull and his riotously magical  FABLEHAVEN series.
Frolicking with  mischievious fairies and wicked imps and all sorts of outrageous creatures, these stories inspired Zariah's  vision for this artwork,  which came to her in a dream!

For this magazine cover assignment, Zariah’s task (to her "wildish delight") was to create a visual world in which anything mysterious,
spooky, creepy, elvish, impish, swampy, viney, witchy--and all such Halloween-y delectables-- could be found.

Mystical creatures of all description abound in “the space between worlds.” This realm opens up to its fullest on Hallow’s Eve— a time when otherworldly spirits may cross between their dimensions and ours.
  It could be a night
fraught with powers unknown,  perils unseen, entities unbidden, phantoms unleashed
Or, it could  be a sacred time, an opportunity to connect with our ancestors, honoring them through rituals and celebrations...

~* Perchance it  be what you make of it... *~

Here, in Zariah's highly detailed painting,
you can explore a realm where:

elvish satyrs play pan flutes,
spellbound under a new moon...
owls keep watch, hoot and call
 from gnarled branches silouetting indigo skies...
faery-gnome druids sail Rowan twig&leaf canoes
along an endless moonlit river...

bat winged devil-cats beat bone drums
 to the rhythm of ancient chants...
ghostly night spirits invoke the elementals
 with rituals of rune and chalice...
iridescent kaleidoscope-fire dragons
guard hidden cave treasures...
sly beaked imps shriek and jest unseen,

xylophoning sunken dinosaur fossils... 
the mystery-filled night is alive
with infinite wonders to be discovered!

* May the secrets whispering, calling  *
and swirling within
this illustration  *
*   enchant your spirit into wondrous realms of   *
*  magic and dreamtime... *
The artwork Museum Grade Giclee is available in both Limited Edition on Canvas, and Open Edition on acid free imaging photopaper.

20” x 26” Limited Edition 300,
museum grade giclee on Canvas $1200,

Includes certificate of authenticity,
numbered & hand signed.

All  fine art PRINTS are acid-free, giclee or laser, with the complete written story enclosed, and are matted in an elegant double  matte, cream white with an acid-free gold lining.      

 8"x10" $28 -
       Fine Art print

14”x11” $46     Fine Art print

16x20" $73 -    Fine Art print
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