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Sea Maiden’s Enchantment

<>* Sweethearts' Blessing *
Polynesian Mermaid Legend
       Pania is the beloved Maori sea maiden of Polynesia, who enchanted the heart of a human man, the young village chief Karitoku.
She resides in the ocean facing the Hukarere cliff base of Napier. As a PUUKANI "sweet-voiced" youth, she was curious about life above shore and she would venture daily among the cliff base reeds. One day she chanced upon a strong handsome man drinking of a sweet bubbling spring. Fascinated, she watched him from her hiding place every afternoon as he made the long trek alone on foot after his labors to partake of this particularly pure water. After many visits, Pania softly chanted a love-spell, not intending for him to hear audibly but only to feel its effect. However, his keen ears picked up her lovely tones and he glanced over to her immediately. Upon locking eyes, they fell utterly in love. Karitoku asked her to marry him and she consented. They lived together in his village house happily, and had a wonderful baby boy, MOREMORE "no-hair".
 Being a mermaid, she had to return to the sunlit sea each day in secret to replenish her energy.  Legend has it that eventually she turned into a coral reef and their son became a MANO "shark".


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The artwork Museum Grade Giclee is available in both Limited Edition on Canvas,
and Open Edition on acid free imaging photopaper.

20”WX26”H Limited Edition 300 on Canvas, $1200
Includes a certificate of authenticity, hand signed,
and an insightful explanation of the Polynesian legend.

This painting is one in Zariah's  ongoing collection of

  highly unique marriage and beloveds' blessings,
inspired by  the enchantment
of the waters, winds and skies, 
the sensuality and romance of the islands,
the passions of fire,

the sacred mystery of everlasting love. 

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All  fine art PRINTS are acid-free, giclee or laser,come complete with the written legend, and are matted in an elegant double matte, cream white with an acid-free gold lining.      

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