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l: for "Christmas Snow Baby Penguins"
poem by Gayle Jacobson-Huset
ll: for "Hail Christmas Spirit!"
magazine page layout
with poem by Zariah

illustration  assignment:  "Christmas Snow Baby"

magazine page layout:   "Hail  Chritmas Spirit!"

** The Surprise Visit ***

Father Christmas & his Reindeer!
A Blessing of Joy &Wonder  
Illustrations by Zariah

Publishing Copyright 2007-2009
Stories for Children Magazine


excerpts of "Christmas Snow Baby Penguins"

By:  Gayle Jacobson-Huset

Baby Jack in hat of black    

Loves to race his sled... 

Baby Kate will twirl and skate 

On a rink of ice...

           Baby Chole plays in the snow         

Next to Baby Bryce...

Baby Bree is full of glee

Looking way up high...

Santa and his sleigh arrive ...!



<>Hail! Kris Kringle on magical sledge
<>winking his twinkling merry eye
<>laden with elven-made gifts to pledge
<>good cheer to all the world's children who try!
<>Hail! noble reindeer snowy and white
<>with jingling bells and antlers of gold
<>led by dear rudolph, red nose shining bright--
<>spark Christmas-stardust with dancing hooves bold!
*** poem & illustration by Zariah ***


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