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Among Her Sea Friends

(Legendary Hawaiian Mermaid)
Lehua is the beautiful mermaid of Waimea, Kaua'i. She is adorned with exquisitely detailed  jewels, shells, royal crown, and a Ni'ihau shell lei strung with hundreds of tiny precious shells. Her tail shimmers with fine silver scales and  delicate, clear rainbows. On the edge of the river mouth leading into the sea is a small cove with a large flat rock known as Poliolehua. According to Hawaiian legend, the residents long ago named it after Lehua who would rest on the rock, combing her long, silken hair. Whenever anyone came near, she quickly slipped away into the deep fresh water. Once a young chief, deciding to catch her for his wife, snuck upon her stealthily. However Lehua, being instinctually wild and keenly aware, sensed someone coming and vanished. He tried in vain to swim after her, ending up in a clean sandy cave. It is said that no one has seen her since. She appears to us now, from her sanctuary deep in the sea, to lovingly remind us to preserve and protect our priceless oceans and all its living creatures.

The artwork Museum Grade Giclee is available in both Limited Edition on Canvas, and Open Edition on acid free imaging photopaper.

18”WX27”H Limited Edition 300 on Canvas, $1200
Includes a certificate of authenticity, hand signed, and an insightful explanation of the Polynesian legend.

All  fine art PRINTS are acid-free, giclee or laser, come complete with the written legend, and are matted in an elegant double  matte, cream white with an acid-free gold lining.      

 8"x10" $28 -
       Fine Art print 

14”x11” $46     Fine Art print 

16x20" $73 -    Fine Art print

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