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World Unity Spirit Dance

***A "Peace Through Unity Spirit" Blessing*** 

"Window-Zills" of Light
Just as window sills  reflect the sun's light through the windows from the heart of the sun, we reflect one another's  spirit-light through the windows of our own hearts.
Likewise PAEPAE, "sill of the temple entry," has always been
at the heart of spiritual significance for the Hawaiian temple, as the window for the  light of the Holy Spirit. 
The sacred dancer transcends all boundaries of race,  culture, and  religion  to connect
in unity of spirit with the  UHANE, "soul", of humanity.  In this painting, two dancers from opposite sides of the world commune from the heart through the light of the rainbow in a shared vision  of MALUHIA , "peace", in reverence for all beings.  
The belly dance and hula dance are ancient sacred  art forms centered in the hips and belly, the place of KUMUKAHI, "origin", of Life.  These naturally rejuvinating movements traditionally stem from an attitude of spiritual passion, devotion, offering and celebration.
The bellydancer wears Zills, the pairs of finger-cymbals comparable to the ILI-ILI,
the hula dancer's hand-held pairs of stones.
These musical accompaniments
from West and East invoke the Divine energy which inspires hearts throughout the world further into the spirit of unity and peace.

Hawaiian ONOHI `ULA
ONOHI `ULA, literally "red rainbow segment," is infused with KAONA, "multiple layers of meaning:" ONOHI means "eye, or center;" `ULA translates as "sacred, regal, royal, blood, and spirit;" ULA is "flame."
KAHI MEA IAIA KA `ONOHI O KA PAHU HULA is the name of the central HULA ("red-flame heartbeat drum") rhythm-keeper.  The great goddess of HULA, LAKA, is honored with the red LEHUA's offerings;  the hula dancer in this painting wears the precious LEHUA blossom HAKU, or head garland, as well as the royal red TAPA PA`U, "skirt," and anklets of MAILE vine, also holy to LAKA. 
In parallel, the bellydancer ritually adorns her own hair, hands and feet with the red henna, in meditation with this sacred blood of the Earth. With KU`IKAHI's "feeling of unity" awareness that the blood of all beings is sacred, we people of every color,
as "children of the rainbow," naturally treat one other, and our Mother Earth,  with dignity and compassion.

May the Light of this blessing emanate peace in your life always.
***May universal peace prevail!***

  The artwork Museum Grade Giclee is available in both Limited Edition on Canvas,
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