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Hina's Moon Ascent
(Legendary Hawaiian Goddess)

Hina in the moon, Hinaikamalama, is the goddess of the moon. According to Hawaiian legend, she was longing for relief from tapa beating and endless chores, so she climbed a rainbow from the ocean depths to the moon. To this day you can see her image in the full moon, beating the tapa. As Divine Mother, her silvery- blue form cradles the "celestial calabash", containing the "seeds of the heavens", as moon, stars, symbols and everflowing creativity stream forth.  Here they are seen feeding into significant petroglyphs that envelop the mystical night.  She is called Hina'opuhalako'a, "Hina from whose womb came various forms", in the Hawaiian creation chant KUMULIPO.  Goddess of conception, menstruation, and nurturing, Hawaiians chant to Hina while planting.  Goddess of coral and sea creatures, Hawaiians fishing relate her with timing to the rising and setting of the stars.
       ***  Winning painting in the  ***             
      Art Maui Juried Exhibition 2005               

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The artwork Museum Grade Giclee is available in both Limited Edition on Canvas, and Open Edition on acid free imaging photopaper.

18”WX27”H Limited Edition 300 on Canvas, $1200
Includes a certificate of authenticity, hand signed, and an insightful explanation of the Polynesian legend.

All  fine art PRINTS are acid-free, giclee or laser, come complete with the written legend, and are matted in an elegant double  matte, cream white with an acid-free gold lining.

 8"x10" $28 -
       Fine Art print 

14”x11” $46     Fine Art print 

16x20" $73 -    Fine Art print

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