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Angels of the TAO

Eternal Love Blessing
Balance of Opposites


          Kanaloa HUNA

          Marriage Blessing
          Sacred  Hawaiian Secrets
       ( click image for closeup &story )


Sea Maiden's Enchantment

 Sweethearts' Blessing
  Polynesian Mermaid Legend
(click image for closeup&story)

Integration into Infinity
  Beloveds' Friendship Blessing
  Lifelong Love of Innocent Hearts


Eternal Rainbow Flame
      Marriage Blessing
      Ancient  Hawaiian Petroglyphics

Sea-Star Gazing

 Marriage Blessing
Hawaiian Mermaid Legend

The Blessed Voyage

  Beloveds' Blessing
  Flower of Life Spirit-Journey
(click image for closeup
of beloveds in canoe)


     Sea Rapture
     Beloveds' Blessing
     Legendary Polynesian Mer-folk


Dolphin Hearts' Jubilee
 Free Spirits Blessing
Pure Joy of Kindred Souls