Zariah specializes in Visionary mixed watermedia paintings, the fine craft of translucent, glowing, multidimensional works of exquisite beauty.   Her focus on multiethnic, diverse  mythology infuses each work with profound cultural --and transcultural-- meaning. She often embellishes these with hand decorated borders and elegant framing, incorporating all kinds of natural and crafted materials in unique ways.  Her passion is to authentically share pure Divinity; therefore she always strives to interpret this sacred magic  with utmost precision.   "Before I begin, I call upon the Universal life energy.   In meditational prayer Love's pure light flows through my eyes and hands.  Each piece is a special kind of blessing.  With my deepest heart's devotion I wish to inspire compassion, reverence for all beings, remembrance, fascination, and celebration."

  She embarks on an expedition through mystical realms anew with each creation.  "My angelic muses appear and guide my vision."  She also incorporates carefully researched significant symbology, and  Sacred Geometry. The resultant windows into Eternity encase intricately woven, multilayered veils of infinite depth. They hold ever-transforming hidden keys just waiting to be discovered by the appreciator. The child within us all is invited to unlock the wondergates of fantasy.

       Zariah's paintings, in the use of color, embody lavishly sensuous and subtly complex chromatic themes.  Lush  and delicate   textures envelop meticulous detail, portraying profound experiences of emotion-- which really must be experienced in person to truly appreciate.   These swirling compositions, fractally emanating from the all-pervasive Spiral of Life, are dreamlike and vibrantly luminescent.       

    Zariah grew up in several locations within America and Europe. From an early age  her unique gift in this lifetime was clearly revealed to be artistic expression.    Her  committed hard work and long practice have included countless art courses and the fortune of studying under several prominent masters. She traveled world wide for years until arriving to warm, enchanting Hawaii.

      Zariah's University education includes major courses in drawing, painting, graphic design, metalsmithing, ceramics, and jewelry; and a minor in art history encompassing India, China, Japan, Greece and Europe.

Zariah continued her art studies at the University of Poitiers in France where she concentrated on French art and architecture, and undertook a special study in sculpture.   Even now, in the midst of her growing success as a visual artist, she likes to take life drawing sessions often and to engage in nature studies.  She is always exploring new techniques, particularly those that may stretch her skills and "eloquence of truest expression."

  The artist's early passion for ancient mysteries continues to dominate her work. So, not surprisingly, since living on Maui she has found rich content and resonant subject matter in the legendary  histories of Hawaiian culture and the folklore of all Polynesia.  She studies  avidly, distilling the essence of what inspires her most in fascinating written summaries, delightful embellishments, and transcendental poetry.

      Works by Zariah were already in private collections around the world before she began to permit selected images to be reproduced as fine art prints, in partnership with Spirit of Polynesian Art.

                      Recent Solo Exhibitions:
        Lahaina Arts Society                                       Lahaina,Maui
       Art School at Kapalua                                      Kapalua,Maui

                Other Recent Showings:     
 3-Woman Presentation, Banyan Tree Gallery            Lahaina,Maui

       Lahaina Gallery      "Blessings of the Island Goddess"

Lahaina Arts Society   (Where different artworks by Zariah
                                  can be viewed each month in the gallery)
Society Of Children's Book Writers  & Illustrators

                      Other Display Locations:
Art Maui Juried Exhibition                  Old Cane House Gallery
Spyglass House Beach Resort          Makawao Public Library
Artonmaui.com Fine Art Gallery         Maui Aquarium, Ma'alaea

                            Upcoming & Ongoing Exhibitions:
SCBWI children's illustrator portfolio showcase                         Los Angeles, CA
Duo Showcases* with award-winning painter Marjorie Tyler,
collectively entitled:        "Sacred Spirals of the Sea"                 Lahaina Arts Society
                                                                                                    other locations TBA

     *These are  cocreations featuring the   <--(click for more about the Spiral of Life)
        through the incorporation of Sacred Geometry, as well as   carefully selected treasures
        from our own Maui Island shores--including
seashells, seaweeds, and sands.
        These collaged paintings are the expressions of  Zariah and Marjorie's groundbreaking
        work together, both on  site at  places of MANA (spiritual power)  and in the studio.

***for futher details on all exhibits please contact Zariah*** 

Other Involvements:

      * REIKI (Ancient Lineage of Initiation) Master hands-on healing work
      *creative Sacred Magick bellydance
      *writing and illustrating children's fantasy storybooks

In addition to the illustrated magical adventure novel THE WISHING SPIRAL,

 Zariah has written a picture book for younger children, entitled CLOVERS,
a simple story about the rare and deep friendship between two girls who
are challenged to stand true in the face of  insensitivity and persecution. 
Zariah has  several works in progress as well.

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an illustration for Zariah's  timeless and transcendant faery-priestess 

*May your life be always blessed with grace and utmost happiness.*